Lowongan Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc

Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc

Sleman (Yogyakarta) | Ditayangkan: 21-December-2018 | Tutup pada 20-January-2019

Syarat & Ketentuan lowongan Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc

Sebelum Anda melamar lowongan Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc terbaru ini atau menekan tombol Lamar di JOBSTREET, Anda harus mengerti dan menjalankan setiap ketentuan dari situs kami (pengelola loker.akademitelkom.ac.id) berikut:

  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini hasil SHARE GRATIS dari web jobstreet.co.id, kami tidak akan pernah meminta biaya baik secara langsung maupun melalui perusahaan bersangkutan.
  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini dibuat oleh AccelByte Inc , kami tidak mengubah / menambahkan / memvalidasi setiap lowongan kerja secara langsung.
  • Segala transaksi yang terjadi saat Anda melamar dalam iklan Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc di luar tanggung jawab kami.
  • Di situs kami ini terdapat link, berupa banner maupun text, ke situs lain. Kami tidak betanggungjawab atas isi dan akibat yang ditimbulkan dari situs-situs tersebut

AccelByte Inc is a Seattle based software and technology company that focuses on developing, deploying and operating highly visible, critical, secure, scalable and highly available consumer facing ecosystem of online services, websites and cloud infrastructure that serves millions of users.
We collaborate with our clients to craft custom software and technology solutions that run on the cloud to solve our clients' needs. We strive to achieve the best quality while keeping the development cost down and upfront investment to a minimum. We do so by combining the latest cloud technologies with experienced onshore and exceptional offshore talents.
We operate in various business verticals. Our clients are ranging from game developers and publishers to cloud solution providers.

​Come join us! We are a fast growing and well-funded U.S. based startup in Seattle, Washington with teams in Vancouver, Canada, Singapore and a growing office in Yogyakarta in Indonesia. Founded by industry veterans from EA, LucasArts, and EpicGames, who built the online backends for well-known titles and platforms such as EA Origin, FIFA, StarWars.com, UnrealEngine, Fortnite, Paragon and UnrealTournament. Our company develops technology for the major well known online game studios and publishers across the USA, Europe, and the world. 
Job Description
You will work with both internal and client's engineering teams to help design, advise, and deliver user interface for both internal and external use that is highly functional, responsive, and lightweight based on UX design and backend APIs. Designing, maintaining and implementing new features and functionality, managing all technical aspects of the CMS.
  • 5+ years experience of front-end technologies, including HTML5, CSS3.
  • 3+ years experience using backend technologies, including PHP and Node.js
  • Experience using modern frameworks and tools preferably React/Redux.
  • Strong experience establishing, guiding and building custom features for Wordpress (Themes, Plugins, Custom post types, Multi-language, white-label, etc)
  • Experience with WP REST API.
  • Preferably experience interacting with Webhooks on Wordpress
  • Familiarity with newer specifications of EcmaScript and Typescript
  • Degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience
  • Prior experience developing web applications
  • Solid understanding of responsive web designs
  • Solid web performance and troubleshooting skills
  • Solid security best practices
  • Strong computer science and engineering background
  • Forward thinking and up to date on current and emerging architecture patterns
  • Able to work with clients under tight deadlines, on distributed teams with fluid requirements
Nice to Haves
  • Experience in building app with massive user count
  • Experience in using modern frameworks and tools such as Angular, React, Redux, etc.
  • Familiarity with cloud technologies
AccelByte Inc is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer, all qualified candidates applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin, se)xual orientation, marital status, age or di)sability. Our culture is of innovation, inclusive, and we value our people highest.
Please visit our career page for a complete listing of our open positions:

Our Mission
We are building the next generation of a scalable online backend platform for AAA  games that includes the fully licensable source code as well as offering specialized engineers to customize the code for a studio's game so they can focus on making their game fun. 
While many games can use off the shelf solutions and inject simple logic into a closed source backend platforms, we believe this leads to overly complex logic that pushes logic on to the game client which is harder to update quickly. For this reason we believe that having the full source code and development resources to tailor it to a specific game leads to a better player experience and is one of the core benefits of our platform. 
Compensation & Benefits
We offer you with Competitive salaries and other benefits: Relocation package, Private Insurance (family included and it's Cashless!), Full coverage BPJS Kes & TK, Periodic MCU, Sport activities (badminton, yoga, futsal and you can propose a new activity!),  Social  activity (company outings, Accelebrate, knowledge sharing session), Food to keep your engine up and running (breakfast & Lunch, fruits and snacks everyday, coffe brewing), Opportunities for overseas travel, etc.

Our Culture
We believe that the best companies are ones where employees are empowered to make decisions, obsess about what’s best for users, and are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. Our engineering culture is based on humility, openness to feedback and collaboration which we feel results in the best performing engineering teams and the most beneficial to everyone's growth.

ALAMAT : AccelByte Inc
J-Walk Mall 1st Floor, Jl. Babarsari No. 2 Janti, Caturtunggal, Kec. Depok, Kabupaten Sleman, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55281

274 1057675

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Apakah lowongan Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc asli (bukan palsu)?

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  • Pastikan bahwa AccelByte Inc merupakan salah satu perusahaan terpercaya dan kredibel. Silakan memeriksa dari hasil pencarian Google apakah perusahaan itu benar-benar asli (bukan fiktif). Periksa juga tanggapan dari pengguna atau pegawai dari AccelByte Inc .
  • Berhati-hatilah dengan perusahaan yang hanya menggunakan alamat email publik/gratisan (seperti @gmail atau @yahoo.com) atau SMS (termasuk aplikasi sejenis telegram atau whatsapp ) sebagai media komunikasi. Perusahaan akan lebih meyakinkan jika memiliki telepon kantor sendiri atau alamat email domain web perusahaan.
  • Jika Anda dimintai uang untuk alasan apapun, sebaiknya Anda tidak menghiraukan lowongan tersebut. Beberapa alasan sering dipakai adalah biaya seragam, biaya training (pelatihan), biaya penggantian materai, dan membayar formulir/surat perjanjian.
  • Pastikan bahwa lowongan yang Anda incar sesuai dengan judul dari lowongan ini, yaitu Software Development Engineer 2 (Frontend Developer - Wordpress)-AccelByte Inc . Pastikan Anda tidak ditawari bisnis investasi yang mencurigakan atau menjadi member MLM yang tidak jelas.


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