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Syarat & Ketentuan lowongan PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF-PT Lion Wings

Sebelum Anda melamar lowongan PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF-PT Lion Wings terbaru ini atau menekan tombol Lamar Sekarang, Anda harus mengerti dan menjalankan setiap ketentuan dari situs kami (pengelola loker.akademitelkom.ac.id) berikut:

  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini dibuat oleh PT Lion Wings , kami tidak mengubah / menambahkan / memvalidasi setiap lowongan kerja secara langsung.
  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini disediakan gratis, kami tidak akan pernah meminta biaya baik secara langsung maupun melalui perusahaan bersangkutan.
  • Segala transaksi yang terjadi saat Anda melamar dalam iklan PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF-PT Lion Wings di luar tanggung jawab kami.
  • Di situs kami ini terdapat link, berupa banner maupun text, ke situs lain. Kami tidak betanggungjawab atas isi dan akibat yang ditimbulkan dari situs-situs tersebut

Please check our website for more details: www.lionwings.com
Our Company:
We are a Synergy of  Two Conglomerates, namely LION CORPORATION from JAPAN (http://www.lion.co.jp/en/) and WINGS GROUP of INDONESIA (http://www.wingscorp.com/), which has been producing Consumer Goods since 150 years ago.
We are Fast Moving Consumer Good Manufacturing (FMCG) in Cosmetics and Toiletries, such as: Hair Care, Oral Care, Skin Care, Children Toiletries, Dishwashing Liquid, and many other consumables.
Our Headquarters and Factory are located in a large area, approximately 12 Acres, in Cakung, East Jakarta.
Our Products:
Our Famous Product Brand are: Mama Lemon, Ciptadent, Zact, Systema, Smile-Up, Kodomo, Zinc, Emeron, Botanical, Lavenda, Lovely, Sidia, etc. Most of Our products have gained Award & Achievement, such as: TOP BRAND Award and REKOR MURI, and has been certified of ISO 9001, Halal, GMP (CPKB).
Our Market Share:
Currently our products are distributed in all five continents: Domestic and International Market, Traditional and Modern Markets, through the cooperation of our Partners and Exclusive Distributors, in over 100 countries spanning the globe. Our market share in each respective countries are growing at a very fast pace, our products gain acceptance in most of the market worldwide, a quality proven, a very competitive price and the commitment of support from every aspect of our Human Resources Reliable.
Our Recruitment:
We invite all those who are young, active, dynamic, creative, innovative, skillful, and who want to grow and make continuous improvements to join with us!
Let's build your career since young with the spirit of youthful!
Other Activity:
Futsal, Basket, Aerobic, Billiard, Karaoke / Watching Movie in Auditorium, Company Gathering annually, Training, Outbound, Gowes, CSR (Baksos), etc.

Are you a Diploma 3 in Mechanical Engineering or Electrical Engineering with min. GPA 3.00?
Are you a Diploma 3 in Industrial Engineering with min. GPA 3.00,  and have a basic education in electrical or mechanical engineering high school?
Are you Fresh Graduate or have max. 3 years working experience as Production Mainenante Staff?
Do you like working in the field?
Do you like Working Shift (3-Shift), Working Overtime, Working Under Pressure, and able to Working individually and team?

Do you have good knowledge and skills in Maintenance Production / Engineering ?
  • Production or Maintenance's Skills:
    - Technical Skills: Electrics or Mechanical Engineering
    Production Machinery: Blowing / Injection Plastic / Automation / Pneumatic / Hydraulic / PLC / Electrics (High voltage or Low Voltage) are must

  • General Skills:
    Computer Skills: Excel, Power Point, and SAP
    - Soft Skills: Strong Leadership, Good Communication, Good Time Management, and Presentation, are must
    - Fluent in English (oral and written) are preferable
Do you have good knowledge Production Management System & Process, ISO 9001 & 14001, 5S, GMP, Halal, Kaizen, OEE, TPM, and Health Safety & Environment (HSE) / Safety First?
Do you love challenges and learn new things?
Are you Resilient person with Integrity, Dynamic (Active, Confident & Independent), Discipline, Meticulous, Innovate, Adaptable, and Healthy in Physical & Spiritual?

Let's apply for this Job Vacancy: "PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF" (Electrical / Mechanical)
**Recruitment process and Work Placement in Cakung – East Jakarta**

*Only short listed candidates will be notified*
Job Responsibility:
- Operate, repair, maintain and control the setting parameters of production machines
- Implement production policies and plans, and work safety standard
- Arrange and control raw materials required for production to meet the target set by PPIC
- Create efficient and effective work schedule and optimize production's productivity to achieve the target
- Execute and control the production process and product quality procedures according to the Company's requirements
- Analyze operator's performance and attendance
- Perform Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) in daily activities
*) 3-SHIFT Working Hours (Monday to Saturday):
Monday – Friday : Shift I    : 06:00 – 14:00
                              Shift II   : 14:00 – 22:00
                              Shift III  : 22:00 – 06:00
                              (Break: 1 Hour)
Saturday              : Shift I    : 06:00 – 11:00
                               Shift II  : 11:00 – 16:00
                               Shift III : 16:00 – 21:00
                               (Without Break)


We are a resilient business with a strong and consistent record of both profit growth and cash generation and have opportunities for growth in both the Local and Internationally.
We are looking to build upon some terrific strengths; a respected brand, a strong position in our core markets and most important of all; talented, motivated and well trained employees. People with real passion, energy and enthusiasm - whose potential we aim to fulfil.

ALAMAT : PT Lion Wings
Jl. Inspeksi Cakung Drain Timur no.1, Jakarta, Indonesia

dk 993409

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Apakah lowongan PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF-PT Lion Wings jujur (bukan penipuan)?

Untuk mengecek apakah lowongan yang ditawarkan oleh PT Lion Wings adalah asli (bukan palsu) berikut beberapa tipsnya:
  • Pastikan bahwa PT Lion Wings adalah salah satu perusahaan kredibel dan terpercaya. Silakan mengecek di Google apakah perusahaan itu benar-benar ada. Cek juga review yang mungkin pernah tersedia dari karyawan PT Lion Wings .
  • Berhati-hatilah dengan perusahaan yang hanya menggunakan SMS (termasuk aplikasi seperti whatsapp atau telegram) atau alamat email publik/gratisan (seperti @gmail atau @yahoo.com) sebagai media berkomunikasi. Perusahaan yang asli dan jujur biasanya akan menggunakan alamat email domain web perusahaan atau telepon kantor.
  • Jika Anda dimintai uang untuk alasan apapun, sebaiknya Anda tidak menghiraukan lowongan tersebut. Beberapa alasan yang digunakan adalah biaya formulir/surat perjanjian, biaya materai, biaya seragam, dan biaya training (pelatihan).
  • Pastikan bahwa lowongan yang Anda incar sesuai dengan judul dari lowongan ini, yaitu PRODUCTION MAINTENANCE STAFF-PT Lion Wings . Pastikan Anda tidak menjadi member MLM yang tidak jelas atau bisnis investasi yang mencurigakan.

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