Lowongan Quality Assurance Manager-JO. Colas Rail Iroda Mitra

Quality Assurance Manager-JO. Colas Rail Iroda Mitra

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Colas Rail is a European and International leader in the design, construction and maintenance of rail and guided-transport infrastructure.
We play an active role in developing projects in the following areas: Permanent Way (slab track and ballasted), Electrification (sub-stations, overhead lines), Signalling, Control, Communications, Electrical and Power systems.
This allows for the perfect integration of a complex transport system. Our areas of competence cover all types of rail transport, from tramways to high-speed lines.  
Colas Rail is the result of the merger of two Colas group companies: Seco Rail and Spie Rail.
Seco Rail is an expert railway track maintenance and renewal, construction of new lines and urban transport. Colas acquired Seco Rail from Desquennes & Giral in October 2000.
In 2007, Colas acquired Spie Rail from the Spie group. Spie Rail has excellent references both in France and on international markets. 
Today Colas Rail has presence all over the world, including Malaysia, Vietnam and Singapore.
Our Indonesia Operations
Partnering with our local partner PT Iroda Mitra, we have been awarded as sub contractor on Track Works and Third Rail works for the Jabodebek LRT project. the project has been deemed as one of Indonesia strategic infrastructure project under the presidential decree ref: 98 tahun 2015
we are to deliver state of the art of track instalation and third rail technology which is Colas expertise and has been proven throughout europe and some part of south east asia.
we are looking for professional candidate with excelent track record and who is looking for exposure and challenges in the railroad industry.

Key Responsibilities :
  • To prepare of the companies QA manual control and supervision of all amendments and revision.
  • Control and the distribution of all the companies quality documentation
  • Monitor all quality related activities on the project
  • To verify compliance of the Quality Management System by the projects and departements through internal quality audits.
  • To coordinate non-conformance identification, disposition and corrective action follow-up.
  • To verify contractor quality requirements are specified to vendors and contractor documentation submittals.
  • To attend client quality management meetings
  • To review quality inspection personnel qualifications and training requirements
  • To monitor the disposition of all issued nonconformance reports.
  • To monitor the progress and effectiveness of the project quality management system. Recommend and implement improvements when required.
  • To ensure a high level of quality awareness throughout JO Colas Rail Iroda Mitra.
  • To ensure all department are provided with a relevant, timely and professional level of service within approved budget.
  • To ensure standards of safety and comply with company’s Safety, Health and Environment system requirements.
  • To ensure company’s standards of Quality in accordance with Company Quality Systemn requirements.
  • Maintain and monitor the quality standard certification (i.e ISO 9001 and OHSAS) implementation and hold a role as a Management Representative to ensure quality standard conformance in the company.
  • Report findings of audits to management. Provide the highest level of advice and recommendations to management concerning how the organization’s financial, operational, and managerial processes and systems could be improved.
  • To Control all achieve documentation upon the completion of the project.
Requirements :
  • Bachelor degree Engineering from reputable university
  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001
  • Good knowledge on Quality Management Tools (e.g. TQM, QCC, SPC, Balance Scorecard, etc.) and disseminate through Project Quality Management System.
  • At least  10 years professional experience in construction out which 5 years as a Quality Auditor or managerial position

Our people are our strength and everyone working for Colas Rail plays a vital part in the success of the company.
Colas Rail offers a professional working environment and culture.  
We provide excellent opportunities for people looking for professional challenges and who can contribute to the growth of the company.  We value diversity and promote it in our multi-cultural environment.  Our work culture is based on the values – Safety, Quality, Integrity, Teamwork and Respect.  We encourage personal initiative and strive to build a working environment that is exciting and rewards achievements of distinct individuals.  
This is a great opportunity for you to develop your career while being part of a growing organisation in Asia. 
"The diversity of our activities, our corporate cultures, our sites both in France and in international markets open up a host of possibilities and prospects for people joining our Group. Our Human Resources policy is based on contact, listening to, trusting and respecting people. New and existing personnel will be integrated and their individual value enhanced in this environment. They will be able to develop in line with appropriate training courses. These courses and integration through apprenticeships enable young people to discover our various job profiles and become a major resource for future recruitment." - Frederic Van De Wiele, Group HR Director 

ALAMAT : JO. Colas Rail Iroda Mitra

274 1019392

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