Lowongan Accounting & Tax Financial Controller-TNP International

Accounting & Tax Financial Controller-TNP International

Jakarta Utara (Jakarta Raya) - Kelapa Gading | Ditayangkan: 30-October-2017 | Tutup pada 29-November-2017

PT.TNP International (TNP GROUP)
Maternity and Breastfeeding Retail Company
PT. TNP International ("TNP") is a retail group established in the 2012s. The Group has interests across Asia in industry, trading, retail, media and Real estate.
TNP was formed in 2012 focusing on retail distribution in Indonesia. Within 4 years of operations, TNP has over 10 stores, 40 employees, 50 online and physical channels in Indonesia selling over 20 brands of Maternity, baby and kids products and serving ten of thousands customers yearly. With abundantly source of customers, the Group are going to extend our retail portfolio to include brands in fashion and accessories category.
TNP is based on "Support Breastfeeding" and "Maternity Caring" as our starting point. TNP aim to accomplish "one-stop-shop maternity specialty store" concept, giving the perfect and complete trainning through our internal employee, offering customer with a wide range of quality products.
In addition to selling its own-brand products, the Group also operates as the sole agent for many international Maternity and baby brands in Asia. TNP is today one of the largest sole agents in Maternity products in Indonesia, with services that include brand management, marketing, sales and distribution. TNP has been appointed by a leading global prestige brand, Mamaway, as its sole agent in Indonesia since October 2012. The Group currently manages over 20 brands including MooiMom, Mombella, Baby Comfy Care, Little Tree, Seven Baby Slings, Nursing Pillow, Under Covers, Milk Bands, hotslings, BellyButton, BabyLeggings, BreastPads, Ruffle Buns, PregnancyPillow, etc.

Accounting & Tax Financial Controller
Job description :
  • Check & Control the Online & Offline transaction
  • Understanding & Doing accounting & jurnal task
  • Calculate & Report Corporate Tax as PPN, Pph, etc
  • Doing financial report
  • Creating a Tax Invoice
  • Good skill on Accounting, Auditing, Tax, Finance
Requirements :
  • Minimum Bachelor's degree, preferably in Business Accounting or Economy major (CPA preferred, but not necessary)
  • Highly proficient in English or Mandarin
  • Experience in local audit, accounting system with tax specialty
  • Strong communication skills
  • High integrity with ability to respect diversity
  • Interest in Retail and business
  • Could be join immediately

Our Vision
To maintain our position as the leading “Mothers-to-Be and Babies Caring Product Retailing Group” in Indonesia.
The Group will continue to grow its core business by increasing its number of retail stores throughout the region. It will expand its business scope by including media, medical supplies, entertainment products, and food products. Media operations, such as PR, forums, blogs, and social medias, will strengthen the broadcast of its channels and products. Furthermore, through offering a wide variety of business items, the Group can achieve the comprehensive one-stop- shop for our customers. To reach more customers, expanding channels will be practiced with new concepts, e-commerce, and more specific spots as hospitals, pharmacies, and pre-schools. Through above business operations, the Group will do its best to maintain its leading position in Indonesia.
Our Mission
  • Offer qualified and comprehensive solutions and fulfill needs of our customers by providing the best shopping experience.
  • Expand the retailing channels to reach more target customers via both online and offline stores.
  • Cooperate in closer and long-term partnership with a wide diversity of suppliers around the world.
  • Provide a good working environment and share the success with our staff.
  • Adhere to the principles of good corporate citizenship.
  • Maintain and improve each brand's image through media operation.
  • Develop new business items to increase diversity.

ALAMAT : TNP International
Mamaway Indonesia, East Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, Indonesia

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