Lowongan IT Staff (Penempatan Dadap : Tangerang)-PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo

IT Staff (Penempatan Dadap : Tangerang)-PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo

Tangerang (Banten) - Dadap | Ditayangkan: 30-October-2017 | Tutup pada 29-November-2017

Established in 2008, Headquartered in Dadap - Tangerang, the ccompany rrepresents a Premium US - quality Hose and Fitting for Hydraulic and Industrial Products, known as Gates. From this modest beginning,YPH Fluid Power has grown and evolve into one of the Indonesia’s leading product as well as service provider of hydraulic and industrial hoses, connection, plus a range of related products. Further to Hose and Fitting for Hydraulic and Industrial applications, the company has been keep moving forward and line-up with more additional end-to-end Fluid Power Products and Services; Fire Surpression, Auto Lubrication, Full Services Tube Bending Operation, Customized End Fittings & Assembly Finishes, Process Pipework, Compressed Air Installations, Steam & Condensate Pipework Installation, Utility Piping System, just to name e few. We draw together individuals from a diverse expertise, qualifications and experiences, which add value to the company’s overall competency and industry awareness, ensuring meets or exceed customers’ expectation with products, services and experiences that are superior to the competition.

PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo [Engineering Division] is determined to be the trusted provider in lubrication and filtration systems, by offering the most suitable solution for customers with best quality, high efficiency, time effectiveness and cost saving measures. We are also determined to become a reliable provider in this field through resourceful invention and innovation.

Through innovation and continuous improvement in delivering reliable product quality and services, we strongly believe that we will meet and exceed customer expectations. PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo operates on the principles of integrity, loyalty and fairness towards employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • Pendidikan minimal D3 Teknik Informatika/System Informasi
  • Usia maksimal 28 tahun
  • Bisa menganalisa dan memperbaiki masalah yang timbul di system limax (accounting software)
  • Bisa memperbaiki troubleshoot LAN dan WAN jaringan
  • Bisa memperbaiki computer server dan client yang bermasalah
  • Mengerti bahasa pemograman PHP VB.Net dan Database
  • Bisa mendesain CMS Web design
  • Jujur, pekerja keras dan bertanggung jawab
  • Memiliki inisiatif dalam bekerja
  • Bersedia melakukan perjalanan dinas
  • Penempatan :  Dadap Tangerang
  • Memperbaiki masalah yang timbul di limax system
  • Backup database system secara berkala
  • Update website sesuai kebutuhan
  • Memperbaiki masalah internet
PT. Yerry Primatama Hosindo
Jl. Raya Perancis Komplek Pergudangan 8
Blok NN, Dadap Kosambi, Tangerang 15125
Website : www.yphfluidpower.com

We take pride in our strong team culture - one of mutual trust, learning, sharing, care, willingness, cooperation and concern. This includes providing a conducive, family-friendly work environment that enhances our staff's professional and personal growth. We are seeking for highly motivated, dynamic, independent individuals and disciplined person who willing to come forward and can work independently and team work and be one of our great team.
Core Value

PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo is dedicated to setting the standard not only for business and financial performance, but also for compliance with the most demanding standards of corporate social responsibility. Accordingly, we employ a proactive ethical process so that all internal and external stakeholders can adhere to our values. As diverse as the identities and cultures within our organization, we encourage all to share our core values:
  • Professionalism
  • Respect for employees
  • Continuous concern for safety and environmental protection
  • Creating new innovation by doing continuous improvement
  • Delivering unrivaled results for all round satisfaction

ALAMAT : PT Yerry Primatama Hosindo
Jl. Raya Perancis Komplek Pergudangan 8 Blok NN, Dadap Kosambi, Tangerang 15125

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