Lowongan Engagement Director-Greenpeace SEA Indonesia

Engagement Director-Greenpeace SEA Indonesia

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Greenpeace, one of the world’s most respected and dynamic organizations, is an international non-profit global campaigning organization that acts to ensure the ability of Earth to nurture life in all its diversity.  At the heart of Greenpeace’s campaigns is the tradition of non-violent, direct action against environmental abuse and destruction.
Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.
Greenpeace is acts to change attitudes and behavior, to protect and conserve the environment and to promote peace by:
  • Catalyzing an energy revolution to address the number one threat facing our planet: climate change.
  • Defending our oceans by challenging wasteful and destructive fishing, and creating a global network of marine reserves.
  • Protecting the world's ancient forests and the animals, plants and people that depend on them.
  • Creating a toxic free future with safer alternatives to hazardous chemicals in today's products and manufacturing.
  • Campaigning for sustainable agriculture by rejecting genetically engineered organisms, protecting biodiversity and encouraging socially responsible farming.
Greenpeace is present in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.
To maintain our independence, Greenpeace does not accept donations from governments or corporations but relies on contributions from individual supporters and foundation grants.
For over 40 years, Greenpeace has been successful in our campaigns to reverse environmental degradation by bearing witness to environmental destruction and exposing and confronting environmental abuse. Greenpeace campaigns have been vital in informing government policies on the environment and effecting changes in business practices which lead to various environmental problems.
Greenpeace in Southeast Asia
Greenpeace opened our first office in Southeast Asia in 2000. In that time we have led successful campaigns throughout the region, securing fresher air, cleaner water and a healthier environment through changing industry practices and government policies. Greenpeace actively campaigns across the region to catalyze an energy revolution, protect ancient forests and our oceans, create a toxics-free future and create a shift to sustainable agriculture.
Greenpeace has three offices in Southeast Asia—in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines and each office is composed of five departments: Campaigns, Fundraising, Communications, Mass Mobilization and Organizational Support.  Currently, Greenpeace has more than a 200 staff across the region, excluding the direct dialogue fundraisers.

Job Summary:
Reporting to the Programme Director, the Engagement Director’s key responsibility is to develop strategies for building leverage in Southeast Asia through growing a movement of people and increasing our strategic deployment of their influence. This position develops the way that GPSEA works with strategic audiences, aligned to the organisations goals, while integrating our communications, actions and mobilisation to increase the impact of our campaigns.
The Engagement Director is also responsible for building GPSEA’s ability to identify, recruit, retain and utilise different types of supporters to develop our organisation in Southeast Asia.
The Engagement Director is responsible for refining and delivering an ambitious engagement strategy utilizing online and community based tools, ensuring a clear story of Greenpeace in Southeast Asia and supporting our growth, fundraising and campaigning goals through the development and implementation of bold public-engagement strategies to achieve global, high impact, agreed engagement, mobilisation and fundraising goals to deliver globally high impact campaigning strategies.
The work of the Engagement Department and national colleagues seeks to
  • Inspire, mobilise and engage millions of people from Southeast Asia to campaign alongside us, through digital and other communications tools.
  • Reach and empower a wider segment of society to be directly involved in our work, and know how to deploy them.
  • Deepen supporter’s engagement with, and contributions to, our campaigns and vision.
  • Enable our staff to run locally appealing, globally relevant campaigning projects.
  • Build, promote and protect Greenpeace’s identity and profile in Southeast Asia.
To achieve all of this the Engagement Director will lead and develop a team of regional scope staff, and offer support and strategic input into development and implementation of projects. As a member of the Programme Leadership, the Engagement Director is also expected to contribute to the strategic management of the Programme. 
The position will require travel in the region as well as other part of the world. 
Educational Background & Fundamental Qualifications
  • Level of Education: Academic qualification in relevant discipline or equivalent professional experience
  • Field of Study: Preferably involving Management, Communications, Community Development, or Social Sciences (or related work experience)
  • Work Experience: At least 6 years of professional experience with demonstrated results in developing and executing campaign, activism, mobilization and/or communications strategies.
  • Including experience in Project Management, CMS and CRS systems and data management, and demonstrated delivery of targets in dynamic environments

Bearing witness: We follow the Quaker tradition of bearing witness. The idea is that when you see something wrong, you must publicly state your opposition to it and draw it into the public eye. Most wrongdoing in the world cannot continue under public scrutiny. This is related to: Direct Action: We believe that if you see something wrong, you are morally obliged to do something about it. That means you must make efforts to stop the wrong that you see. But you must do so using: Non violence: We strongly believe that violence in any form is morally wrong and accomplishes nothing. Creative non-violent civil disobedience, on the other hand, is a much more effective method of convincing people that what you are saying makes sense. To do the above, we need to maintain: Independence: We do not accept contributions from governments, corporations or political parties because it would compromise our core values. In addition to remaining independent from powerful interests, we must see global problems as such, so we believe in: Internationalism: We are citizens of the world, and do not take sides with any specific state, but seek international solutions to environmental threats.

ALAMAT : Greenpeace SEA Indonesia
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