Lowongan Branch Manager for Freight Forwarding & Logistic in Jakarta Office-PT Ahlers Thoeng Indonesia

Branch Manager for Freight Forwarding & Logistic in Jakarta Office-PT Ahlers Thoeng Indonesia

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PT Ahlers Thoeng is a joint-venture between Ahlers Asia Pte Ltd and the Indonesian company PT Bruno Phala Internasional, fully licensed for international freight forwarding services in all of Indonesia. The quality and reliability of services, a well-organised logistic system and the ability to flexibly respond to the requirements of the shippers and overseas receivers have won the company its reputation of being one of the leading forwarders on the island of Java.
For more than 100 years, Ahlers has been helping clients with logistics and maritime services all over the world.
With 700 employees in 35 offices on 3 continents we can provide experienced logistics experts all around the world. We offer services in five areas: international forwarding, maritime services, project logistics, agency work and warehousing/value added services.
Ahlers has reinvented itself many times over. Today, we introduce “Ahlers 4.0”: the next generation of logistics and supply chain optimisation.
Our mission and vision
“What can we do for you today”? At Ahlers, this is the one question we ask ourselves every day. A simple and powerful message that embodies the organisation we want to be. Putting the customer first is our credo and offering the best solutions in international logistics is our ambition. This is what sets us apart from the competition.
The four pillars of our mission and vision are:
  • We are specialised: no company can be good at everything so we aim at being great in what we specialise in: chemicals, tobacco , projects & machinery and supply chain optimisation.
  • We share our customer’s drive: we share our customer’s journey, we are truly supportive and we  are willing to learn from each other.
  • We are  agile: we are professionals with an open and creative mind. We will draw from our experiences in many fields and bring them together in new and dedicated solutions.
  • We are  fearless: we are concerned about meeting and exceeding our customer’s needs. We will tackle every challenge in an efficient and effective way and we will do whatever it takes to resolve those needs.
Our employees are best described through three simple statements: passionate about the customer and the business, hands-on and professional.

Job Function & Description
Job Function
As Branch Manager for Ahlers Indonesia in Jakarta , your main goal is : "grow the company."
Your mission is to focus on increasing Ahlers’ brand awareness, organizing the Ahlers Jakarta Team, and Managing Office activities. You are requested to use your knowledge and expertise in Sales & Team Building to promote and develop in Jakarta all relevant Ahlers’ lines of business (Logistics & Forwarding), profit-wise (gross margin) and quality-wise (selected customers in phase with Ahlers Development Strategy).
Job Description :
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining an efficient company structure and organization for Ahlers Solo Branch.
  • Responsible and accountable for the operations, finance, sales & marketing activities.
  • Sales & Marketing:
    • Top priority must be given on business development, to increase portfolio of customers by targeting prospects falling under the USP decided for your Office.
    • High priority and attention must be given to the existing customers located in Jakarta area , retaining and development of these accounts.
    • Setting sales objectives on a monthly and yearly basis for your office, per activity and per Sales Executive (when we decide we will hire a Sales Executive).
    • Monitor sales activities and performances of the sales team, on a monthly basis.
    • Organize monthly meetings with your sales team to survey objectives and achievements (department + team members).
  • Operations:
    • Smooth organization of the operations and documentation flow with 0 (zero) tolerance for mistakes.
  • Finance :
    • Strict implementation of the company policies in respect of debit /credit control and proper reporting. Adherence to guidelines (SOP) created by management in respect finance/accounting workflow with special attention required in respect of the control of the activities, in general, and the financial follow up.
    • Monitoring closely customers and agents account receivables/payables.
    • Responsible for implementation of SOP’s at the branch level.
    • → Conducting regular, focused meetings on particular topics.
    • Strengthen the present structure and increase professionalism, in regards to the sales team, operational staff and finance team.
    • Responsible for a full and effective use of the ATI Software by all employees (Operations, Finance and Reporting).
    • Motivation of the staff and maintaining a healthy and good team spirit.
    • Assist the team as a problem solver, to guide and instruct the team to act in a professional and business oriented way (basically, set the example !).
  • Responsible for daily affairs of your office:
    • Attendance, leaves, vacations
    • Telephone usage
    • Car & driver usage
    • Filing
    • Security & Confidentiality
    • Creating a pleasant and motivating working environment.
  • Responsible for a correct reporting to the GM (activities and finances).
  • Expected to report any issues to Management, in order to get support and solve issues quickly.
  • As a member of the Management Team, you will attend local management meetings and international group meetings.
Shared responsibilities with the General Manager :
  • Jointly monitoring the service level and help solve problems/issues with third party.
  • Acquisition and development of new logistic added value activities and related customers
  • Preparation of the actions plans, budgets, business
  • Implementation of systems and improve the professionalism at branch level.
  • Implementation and facilitation of change processes to create a more effective and efficient branch office.
Restrictions of the responsibilities :

You need the final approval of the General Manager in case of:
  • Hiring/firing of employees.
  • Promotion of existing staff to different positions.
  • Bonus schemes and salary level changes, including car policy and other H/R related issues such as hospitalization and pension fund schemes, loans to staff members, etc.
  • Investments
    • Big projects or big shipments where considerable risks are involved.
    • Contact with the press
    • Decisions which would bind the company for an amount over US$ 5 000
Requirements :
  • At least 5 years of experience in a similar position in a Forwarding & Logistic Company
  • Holder of a valid PPJK Certificate
  • Service oriented and Good Communication skills.
  • Team management skills
  • Fluent In English Oral and Written.
Benefit are Health insurance  and Both BPJS’s.
Kindly submit your full style CV and photograph to email address below, no later than 2 (two) weeks from the date of this advertisement. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted

Our view on personal development and careers
Working at Ahlers is a challenging experience. We match talent and commitment with career opportunities and success. We encourage our people to explore and grow their talents in different settings and projects, inviting them to taste various functions and even geographies. We don’t focus on fancy titles and complex hierarchy. Instead, we prefer self-management, agility and teamwork.
Working at Ahlers may sound exciting and promising - and it really is. But your career is not the only thing you care about. We just want you to know that we care as much about a good work life balance as you do.
We are always on the lookout for talents!
Interested in the Ahlers way of working? What are you waiting for? Have a look at our current vacancies or simply send us an application letter along with your resume. We will get in touch soon!

ALAMAT : PT Ahlers Thoeng Indonesia
Surakarta City, Central Java, Indonesia

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