Lowongan Warehouse (Level: Leader Up)-PT Dasa Windu Agung

Warehouse (Level: Leader Up)-PT Dasa Windu Agung

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In the early 1980’s, using basic polyurethane technology, PT. DWA manufactured slab stock and small moulded foam parts with cold cure system.
In 1984, component sector in the automotive industry grew significantly. Consequently, it formed a platform for PT. DWA to expand its polyurethane business to produce medium size parts through moulded foam cold cure technology as well as integral skin. Plastic injected emblems and slush moulded PVC skin also became significant components in a car production.
In 1986, coach builder industry was growing fast, and to meet the strict OEM requirements in terms of heat and noise limitations, spray rigid foam technique was developed. Besides Japanese automakers, European car manufacturers were also opening their assembly plants in Indonesia, and again polyurethane was chosen as an integral material in their vehicle production line.
During this time, PT. DWA introduced the Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) technology to produce bumpers and over fenders for certain cars. Plastic injection technology was also becoming widely used for other functional parts, such as clips and fastener. Through integration with plating technology, PT. DWA started to produce chrome plated emblems and logos this year.
Although production volume was relatively low, demand for plastics moulded parts increased in 1989. PT. DWA provided the solution through vacuum forming technology. In the same year, PT. DWA also introduced steering wheel production using integral skin technology.

In 1992, RIM technology was becoming popular in car dashboard production, while integral skin technique was used to produce leather wrapped steering wheels. Exterior part - aluminium foot step was also introduced with the combination of integral skin end caps as a whole design.
In 1995, water-graphic print technology was introduced to enrich the PT. DWA’s product line up.
To meet the world regulation in green environment, in 1997, CFC free moulded foam was introduced to replace freon due to its hazardous nature. In the same year, LD-SRIM was used in the headliner production. 

  • Keep an eye on the entry of goods
  • Report to Manager
  • Problem solving
  • Make planning
Requirement :
  • Maximum 35 years old
  • D3/S1 Industrial Engineering
  • Minimum  2 - year experience in manufacturing company
  • Understand the needs of the project & powerful analysis
  • Understand the characteristics of the product
  • Understand Quality Management System
  • Understand KPI (Key Performance Indicator)
  • Understand flow process materials
  • Understand receiving and control materials
  • Excellent in communication in English (active)
  • Able to Team work, problem solving,
  • Strong analysis & Strong Leadership
  • Able to operating ms. office
  • Preferably residing in Jabodetabek
  • Must have strong analysis and math
  • Willing to work under pressure

In 2005, composite insulation was introduced to reduce noise and heat in the vehicles. With the new requirements in lightweight headliners, PT. DWA introduced composite headliner material as the new alternative.
Plastics became popular due to its advantage in cost savings, physical properties and its recyclable nature. 2006 became PT. DWA’s milestone year in production of medium size injection moulding parts.

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