Lowongan Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd

Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd

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Syarat & Ketentuan lowongan Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd

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Sebelum Anda melamar lowongan Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd terbaru ini atau menekan tombol Lamar di JOBSTREET, Anda harus mengerti dan menjalankan setiap ketentuan dari situs kami (pengelola loker.akademitelkom.ac.id) berikut:

  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini hasil SHARE GRATIS dari web jobstreet.co.id, kami tidak akan pernah meminta biaya baik secara langsung maupun melalui perusahaan bersangkutan.
  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini dibuat oleh Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd , kami tidak mengubah / menambahkan / memvalidasi setiap lowongan kerja secara langsung.
  • Segala transaksi yang terjadi saat Anda melamar dalam iklan Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd di luar tanggung jawab kami.
  • Di situs kami ini terdapat link, berupa banner maupun text, ke situs lain. Kami tidak betanggungjawab atas isi dan akibat yang ditimbulkan dari situs-situs tersebut

"If you hire people who are bigger than you are, we shall become a company of giants." - David Ogilvy
On 23 March 2015, Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide launched a new joint venture with Hogarth Worldwide, a fellow WPP company, specializing in production, to form H&O (Hogarth & Ogilvy).

This new stand-alone joint venture combines RedWorks’ global network and proven creative production ability with Hogarth’s expertise in centralized implementation, technology and broadcast capability.

H&O is unlike any other agency production operation in the world. The capabilities of the new operation allow us to realize creative ideas using in-house teams working to the very highest quality across all media. Whether it is complex CGI, high end post production, fast turnaround online content, global integrated campaigns or simple local production – H&O has the talent, tools and infrastructure to bring your creative work to the market.

This partnership allows us to further invest in our people, our technology and our infrastructure to meet the constantly evolving needs of our clients.

H&O is truly world leading in terms of capability, scale and quality. It’s part of our vision for how we work with our clients in the new world of always on content, seamlessly moving between different channels within an integrated offering. Please visit our new H&O website for more details: www.hogarth-ogilvy.com

We are seeking a full-time team member to assist in the development, testing and support of modern interactive web applications.
The Sr Front-end Developer will be involved in all aspects of the software development lifecycle, and will work as a team member along with several developers, project managers, account servicing and creatives located both in Singapore and remote locations.
  • Responsible for frontend development of modern interactive websites using UI frameworks (including, but not limited to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, ReactJS, Typescript, jQuery, and Bootstrap)
  • Drive and own the implementation of interactive UI experience
  • Resolve integration and production issues in a timely fashion
  • Follow waterfall or agile methodology depending on the requirement.
  • Work together with project managers, creatives, strategic planners and account servicing team members.
  • Communicate clearly and professionally with team members (local and remote), and external parties.
  • Works well in a dynamic, cross-functional team environment.
  • Continually develop both technical and interpersonal skills.
  • Complete prototypes and internal projects as required to contribute to the new business and continuous improvement and innovation
  • Provide input on emerging technology, communicate where improvements can be made, and cooperates with the team to make pragmatic decisions to apply technology.
Skillset Requirements
  • 7+ years of fulltime frontend development experience with modern UI frameworks (including, but not limited to HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Angular, Typescript, jQuery, and Bootstrap).
  • Proficient in implementing rich UIs that are cross browser, cross form factor compatible.
  • Ability to implement rich UIs in a fast track development timelines.
  • Solid experience in JavaScript with ability to design, develop code and integrate with front-end APIs / Web Services.
  • Solid experience in
  • Experienced in use of version control techniques using tools such as SVN, Git and Github.
  • Experience in local and remote debugging techniques.
  • Experience in web performance standards and best practices, web security compliance (OWASP).
  • Experience in the usage of JavaScript automated testing frameworks such as Mocha or Jasmine.
  • Experience in development and deployment over cloud based hosting services such as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • Good written and verbal communication skills, and the ability to document technical design and installation/deployment processes.
  • Passion and aptitude to quickly learn new concepts / technologies.
  • Flexibility to prioritize work assignments and shift work efforts based on the needs of the business
  • Diploma or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or equivalent work experience

When you advertise to the world, you must employ the worldly.
Considering all of the different people we communicate with in this global arena, it only makes sense that our people be equally diverse. We are in the business of perspectives and we need as many as we can get.
If you have a unique point of view – we want to meet you.
As one of the top ten marketing communications firms worldwide and the leading global network in one to one marketing, we employ over 18,000 people in 450 offices around the world. The strength of our reputation lies in the collective skills and talents of these individuals and our tradition of providing training and career development for our talent - began with our founder and continues today over 60 years later.
Our employees are encouraged to bring their ideas, experiences and perspectives, gleaned from their varied backgrounds, to the workplace. We strive to create an environment in which all employees can contribute to their fullest potential without regard to their race, gender, religion, ethnic or cultural background, generation, disability, age, appearance or sexual orientation.

ALAMAT : Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd
71 Robinson Road #07-01

274 1064617

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Apakah lowongan Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd jujur (bukan penipuan)?

Untuk mengecek apakah lowongan yang ditawarkan oleh Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd adalah asli (bukan palsu) berikut beberapa tipsnya:
  • Pastikan bahwa Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd adalah salah satu perusahaan kredibel dan terpercaya. Silakan mengecek di Google apakah perusahaan itu benar-benar ada. Cek juga review yang mungkin pernah tersedia dari karyawan Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd .
  • Berhati-hatilah dengan perusahaan yang hanya menggunakan SMS (termasuk aplikasi seperti whatsapp atau telegram) atau alamat email publik/gratisan (seperti @gmail atau @yahoo.com) sebagai media berkomunikasi. Perusahaan yang asli dan jujur biasanya akan menggunakan alamat email domain web perusahaan atau telepon kantor.
  • Jika Anda dimintai uang untuk alasan apapun, sebaiknya Anda tidak menghiraukan lowongan tersebut. Beberapa alasan yang digunakan adalah biaya formulir/surat perjanjian, biaya materai, biaya seragam, dan biaya training (pelatihan).
  • Pastikan bahwa lowongan yang Anda incar sesuai dengan judul dari lowongan ini, yaitu Senior Front End Web Developer-Ogilvy & Mather (S) Pte Ltd . Pastikan Anda tidak menjadi member MLM yang tidak jelas atau bisnis investasi yang mencurigakan.


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