Lowongan Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia

Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia

Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 28-August-2018 | Tutup pada 27-September-2018

Syarat & Ketentuan lowongan Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia

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Sebelum Anda melamar lowongan Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia terbaru ini atau menekan tombol Lamar di JOBSTREET, Anda harus mengerti dan menjalankan setiap ketentuan dari situs kami (pengelola loker.akademitelkom.ac.id) berikut:

  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini hasil SHARE GRATIS dari web jobstreet.co.id, kami tidak akan pernah meminta biaya baik secara langsung maupun melalui perusahaan bersangkutan.
  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini dibuat oleh PT Lava Mobile Indonesia , kami tidak mengubah / menambahkan / memvalidasi setiap lowongan kerja secara langsung.
  • Segala transaksi yang terjadi saat Anda melamar dalam iklan Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia di luar tanggung jawab kami.
  • Di situs kami ini terdapat link, berupa banner maupun text, ke situs lain. Kami tidak betanggungjawab atas isi dan akibat yang ditimbulkan dari situs-situs tersebut


PT Lava Mobile Indonesia tidak pernah memungut biaya apapun dalam proses rekrutmen.
PT Lava Mobile Indonesia tidak pernah bekerja sama dengan travel agent / biro perjalanan tertentu dalam proses rekrutmen.
Apabila Anda diminta untuk membayar sejumlah uang dalam bentuk pembayaran tiket pesawat dan hotel atau akomodasi lainnya agar diabaikan.
Jangan memberikan data pribadi atau data keuangan Anda kepada siapapun.
Jika membutuhkan klarifikasi lebih lanjut dapat langsung menghubungi PT Lava Mobile Indonesia
Lava International Ltd., established in 2009, is one of the fastest growing mobile handset companies in India. It has demonstrated quick and robust expansion since inception, showing profitability and growing sales since the first year of operations. Lava and Xolo are two brands that operate under the parent company. With “Create Possibilities” as its guiding principle, Lava has embarked on an ambitious journey of becoming the 1st global consumer brand from India by empowering every human with quality innovative products. With this objective, Lava plans to spend ~INR 3,000 mn in marketing in FY 14-15. Lava realized revenues of ~INR 29,090 mn in FY13-14 and is expected to become a 1bn USD company by FY14-15 end.
LAVA has a wide product portfolio that encompasses tablets, feature phones and smart phones having various models in bar and touch form factor at multiple price points to suit all categories of consumers. Lava’s gamut of brands includes IRIS series of Android based smartphones, Discover series of Internet experience touch phones, Spark series of premium bar phones and ARC & KKT series of feature-rich budget phones.
Lava has a complete in-house product testing set-up in China and R&D setup in India. It is the only Indian mobile handset brand in the country to have invested in R&D. Lava teams in China and India collaborate seamlessly to exchange technical and qualitative inputs and create quality products, along with testing at several stages to deliver the ultimate customer experience in its category. Lava converts consumers’ needs and insights into products using deep R&D, thus bringing in products that offer superior value through good quality and best-in-class features at an affordable price.
With a distinguished management having an excellent industry track record and a highly motivated team, Lava offers customers with a unique value proposition and in turn creates immense value for its stakeholders. Lava boasts of unique & reliable sales and service distribution (SSD) network comprising 50+ CFAs, 1000+ distributors, 50,000+ retailers and 980+ service centers. The company also operates in Nepal and Middle east through leading distributors and retailers in these geographies. Lava also has a Single-layer distribution model, one not chosen very often by competitors as it is tougher to implement, wherein distributors are exclusive and directly managed and controlled by Lava. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the company has offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and abroad.
Lava recently has been recognized as one of India’s most promising brands by World Consulting and Research corporation (WCRC). Lava was also shortlisted amongst top 100 most exciting brands by Brand Equity. Lava was bestowed with ‘Emerging company of the year 2013’ award by Voice & Data in 2014. Lava was awarded ‘Amity Corporate Excellence Award for Fastest Growing Mobile Telecommunication Company in 2011’, the National Telecom Award by CMAI for the Fastest growing Mobile phone Indian Brand and Best mobile handset designing company in 2011 and 2012 respectively.

  • Build seasonal Ecommerce financial budget and strategies. Be fully responsible for ecommerce business P&L. Set up KPIs for each team member.
  • Set up local Ecommerce team including functions of sales and customer service. Manage day-to-day Ecommerce operation. Build up SOP for each work flow.
  • People management. Train team members on regular base to improve their Ecommerce operation skills and working efficiency, use number to evaluate team members, and keep the team high level of morale.
  • Lead day-to-day Ecommerce operation. Manage daily/weekly business report, weekly/monthly inventory report and profit report, and weekly business review.
  • Connect with 3rd part marketplace (such as tokopedia, bukalapak, blibli, shopee, lazada, JD) tightly. Work with them deeply to drive traffic of new product launch/promotion event, keep update about platform policy.
  • Work with marketing team to plan campaigns on social networks (such as facebook, youtube, instagram) to drive traffic and conversion of product sales, build up brand awareness and interact with customers. Evaluate ROI of each campaign and hand out improvement plan.
  • Official web-store management. Responsible for SEM, SEO, registered member marketing.
  • Product portfolio management. Weekly report of market research on trendy local products (mainly electronics products) to propose new products. Collect data about customer complaint about product quality. Select Ecommerce selling products from a pool of products.
  • Bachelor degree or above.
  • Fluent in English both writing and verbal
  • At least 5 years Ecommerce operation experience. Familiar with operation of at least 1 major marketplaces in Indonesia. Web-store management experience will be a plus.
  • Familiar with digital marketing on social media. Large scale of SNS marketing experience will be a plus.
  • Understand the basic logic of Ecommerce business in aspect of traffic/conversion/brand
  • Good sense of number. Always use numbers to describe and solve problems. 
  • Familiar with Microsoft office tools. Good excel skill will be a plus.
  • Experiences in selling electronic products will be a plus.

To empower people to do more, to be more.
  • Integrity
    • At Lava, we firmly believe in high moral and professional ethics. We lay the basis of our foundation on truth, loyalty and honesty.
  • Passion For Excellence
    • Each step taken, is a leap towards excellence for us. And we make sure that every step of ours is aimed towards achieving nothing but the best.
  • Adaptability
    • Change is the only constant thing. That's why, at Lava we believe in evolving with changing times and rapidly changing technology trends, to develop the best solutions at all times.

ALAMAT : PT Lava Mobile Indonesia
Mangga Dua Square Blok E 41-42 Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya E No.1 Ancol Pademangan, Jakarta Utara, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

274 1067575

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Untuk mengecek apakah lowongan yang ditawarkan oleh PT Lava Mobile Indonesia adalah asli (bukan palsu) berikut beberapa tipsnya:
  • Pastikan bahwa PT Lava Mobile Indonesia adalah salah satu perusahaan kredibel dan terpercaya. Silakan mengecek di Google apakah perusahaan itu benar-benar ada. Cek juga review yang mungkin pernah tersedia dari karyawan PT Lava Mobile Indonesia .
  • Berhati-hatilah dengan perusahaan yang hanya menggunakan SMS (termasuk aplikasi seperti whatsapp atau telegram) atau alamat email publik/gratisan (seperti @gmail atau @yahoo.com) sebagai media berkomunikasi. Perusahaan yang asli dan jujur biasanya akan menggunakan alamat email domain web perusahaan atau telepon kantor.
  • Jika Anda dimintai uang untuk alasan apapun, sebaiknya Anda tidak menghiraukan lowongan tersebut. Beberapa alasan yang digunakan adalah biaya formulir/surat perjanjian, biaya materai, biaya seragam, dan biaya training (pelatihan).
  • Pastikan bahwa lowongan yang Anda incar sesuai dengan judul dari lowongan ini, yaitu Head of Ecommerce-PT Lava Mobile Indonesia . Pastikan Anda tidak menjadi member MLM yang tidak jelas atau bisnis investasi yang mencurigakan.


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