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Lowongan Desk Compliance-PT Sinar Mitra Sepadan Finance (SMS Finance)

Desk Compliance-PT Sinar Mitra Sepadan Finance (SMS Finance)

Jakarta Raya | Ditayangkan: 27-March-2017 | Tutup pada 26-April-2017

PT Sinar  Mitra  Sepadan  Finance  (SMS Finance)  : SMS Finance is a Multi Finance Company, and has been focusing in Consumer Financing specialized in used car financing in the last eight years. The company was optimistic that used car financing have high growth potential. The prediction proven to be true as until 2013 the company continues to expand and has promising growth.  Until the end of 2010, the Company has 70 branch offices and representative offices with growing numbers of up to ± 105 branch offices in 2014.

  • Melakukan Pemeriksaan terhadap aktivitas unit kerja cabang.
  • Melakukan Pemeriksaan pada bagian Operation, Collection dan Marketing.
  • Melakukan Pemeriksaan terhadap aktivitas unit kerja di Kantor Pusat.
  • Membuat laporan terhadap hasil pemeriksaan kerja cabang dan Kantor Pusat.
Requirement :
  • Pria/Wanita, Usia Max 26 Tahun.
  • Pendidikan minimal D3 untuk semua jurusan IPK min 3.0.
  • Menguasai komputer MS.Office.
  • Mampu berkomunikasi dengan baik.
  • Tegas, jujur, berani, bertanggung jawab dan mampu bekerja sesuai dengan deadline.
Bersedia ditempakan pada Kantor Pusat Operational
PT. Sinar Mitra Sepadan Finance
Jl. Raden Intan II no 8. Duren Sawit. Jak-Tim.

Vision :
  • To be a Preferred Finance Company by Focusing on Service Excellence
  • To be stakeholders Preferred Finance Company with Good Perfomance and High Profitabilty
  • To be Customers Preferred Finance Company with Prompt, Reliable and Technology based Service
  • To be Banks and Investors Preffered Finance Company through Prudent Growth while Maintaning Impeccable Track Record
  • To be Business Partners Prefferd Finance Company by Building Relationships based on Mutual Benefit and Mutual Respect
  • To be Finance Company with Positive Image ini the Eyes of Goverment and General Public through Optimum Contribution and Good Corporate Governance
SMS Finance has always been commited to improve againts mistake and improving its social responsibilty conduct by cooperating in harmony with all parties.
Values :
C : Commitment to Deliver the Optimum Result
H : Honesty in Dealing with Others
O : Opennes and Transparency in Administration and Information
 I : Integrity ini Conducting Business
C : Continous Improvement in Overall Perfomances
E : Equal Oppurtunity to Contribute and in Career Advancement

ALAMAT : PT Sinar Mitra Sepadan Finance (SMS Finance)
Wisma Milenia, Jl. MT Haryono. kav 16. Jakarta Selatan

dk 175847

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