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Lowongan Staff Keuangan-Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu

Staff Keuangan-Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu

Jakarta Raya - Kebayoran Baru | Ditayangkan: 15-February-2018 | Tutup pada 17-March-2018

Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu is a law firm with unique clientele, most of our clients are the leaders in their fields. Our works mostly are tailor-made legal services that demanding legal professionals who have initiatives and deep, board knowledge to tackle specific client's corporate issues.
We enjoy a strong and close relationship with our clients.

  • Minimal Strata 1 (S1) Akuntansi.
  • Memiliki pengalaman bekerja sebagai staf keuangan dan mengurus pajak minimal 5 tahun.
  • Mampu membuat dan menyetor laporan perpajakan.
  • Menguasai peraturan perpajakan Indonesia.
  • Menguasai Ms. Office.
  • Mampu membuat laporan keuangan.
  • Mampu membuat invoice.
  • Memiliki kemampuan analisa yang baik, detail dan teliti.
  • Mampu mengurus Jadwal.
Please send your applicant, CV, recent photograph and other related documents with a job tittle to :

Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu
Jl. Falatehan Raya No. 2
Jakarta 12160

Todays’ businesses face new challenges; marked with a tighter competition and the collapse of several big companies. The challenges demand attorneys to build a strong partnership with the clients; while the real challenge is turning the threats into opportunities.
We are a boutique-style firm. We always work closely with our clients since we have a strong attention on clients’ complexities and needs. Our sensitivity to clients’ objectives creating unique approaches in producing more than just sufficient and adequate solutions. We view our clients as an integral part of our firm.
In litigation area, our expertise covers civil and criminal litigation, bankruptcy, and arbitration. In non-litigation area, we provide full range legal services required by today’s businesses, individuals, and enterprises. Our corporate practice focuses primarily on banking and investment, merger and acquisition, real estate, construction, competition, employment, and securities and finance.
Many people misunderstand that the criminal law and the civil law are two unrelated and contrary areas. In fact, there are business contracts that may also touch criminal law issues. Our experience shows that, in most situations, the clients actually need not only legal services in business law aspects, but also legal services that can formulate the criminal law aspects; as well as predicting and handling potential dispute that may appear in the future.
Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu provides full range legal services in both litigation and non-litigation areas aiming at providing comprehensive solution for its clients. It is our utmost objective to provide effective and adequate legal services by adopting high standard professional services and also respecting the ethics code.

ALAMAT : Kantor Hukum Irfan Melayu
Jl. Palatehan Raya No 2, Melawai, Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Indonesia

dk 175847

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