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Syarat & Ketentuan lowongan FARM PROGRAM MANAGER-Little Spoon Farm Bali

Sebelum Anda melamar lowongan FARM PROGRAM MANAGER-Little Spoon Farm Bali terbaru ini atau menekan tombol Lamar di JOBSTREET, Anda harus mengerti dan menjalankan setiap ketentuan dari situs kami (pengelola loker.akademitelkom.ac.id) berikut:

  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini hasil SHARE GRATIS dari web jobstreet.co.id, kami tidak akan pernah meminta biaya baik secara langsung maupun melalui perusahaan bersangkutan.
  • Iklan lowongan kerja ini dibuat oleh Little Spoon Farm Bali , kami tidak mengubah / menambahkan / memvalidasi setiap lowongan kerja secara langsung.
  • Segala transaksi yang terjadi saat Anda melamar dalam iklan FARM PROGRAM MANAGER-Little Spoon Farm Bali di luar tanggung jawab kami.
  • Di situs kami ini terdapat link, berupa banner maupun text, ke situs lain. Kami tidak betanggungjawab atas isi dan akibat yang ditimbulkan dari situs-situs tersebut

Little Spoon Farm was started with a simple passion for protecting the land and the communities that depend on it. To do so, we practice sustainable farming practices designed to preserve soil, reduce our carbon footprints, and make the growing process as efficient as possible.
We believe it’s important that people deserve to know where their food is coming from; our mission is to help you establish and connect to our local organic farmers. We will never turn away curious visitors or students who want to understand more about the process: for us, transparency also means sharing the knowledge we have. By building partnerships with our customers and working together with our local communities, we hope to build real connections from the seed to your plate.
Our first farm, located by a river and close to the beach in Tabanan, was founded in 2018 and built mindfully, to reduce the environmental footprint. The greenhouse is constructed from locally sourced Balinese bamboo. The organic pest treatment we use--made out of clove, chili, and other natural tropical spices--prevents termites from eating the wood. The greenhouse itself is equipped with sensors and sprinklers that can lower temperatures, creating a healthy ecosystem for productive plants and delicious produce for harvest.
Little Spoon Farm adheres to national organic farming practices in order to feed people while also healing the land. Our vegetables, herbs, and fruits are grown in beds of mixed soil, rice husks, and coconut coir, free of artificial pesticides. Bali is home to many talented artisans and growers, and we also work together with them to offer our customers the best organic produce and homemade products on the island.
Little Spoon welcomes our visitors for a bamboo greenhouse tour, farming workshop, or a farm retreat. Spend some time with nature and return to your roots with a hands-on visit, or sign up for our farm box delivery so you can enjoy the regional harvests and learn more about your fresh food sources.

  • Candidate must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in Agriculture/Aquaculture/Forestry, Business Studies/Administration/Management or equivalent.
  • Required language(s): English
  • At least 4 Year(s) of working experience in the related field is required for this position.
  • Required Skill(s): business, administration
  • Preferably Manager/Assistant Manager specialized in Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries or equivalent.
The Farm Program Manager is responsible for managing and expanding current community supported, farm business programs such as marketing, sales, community events, and workshops. This position is also responsible for spearheading Little Spoon Farm's sales & marketing plan, data collection and evaluation plan.
  • Manages and expands the Little Spoon Farm (LSF) program to increase food access, increase revenue for local farms, and grow a vibrant community of members from diverse backgrounds. Includes the following program-specific responsibilities.
  • Develops and implements innovative marketing and communication strategies to increase Little Spoon Farm  membership, with special focus on increasing participation in under served communities.
  • Manages partnerships with local farmers, including leadership in collaborative crop planning, weekly communications about produce availability and purchase decisions, and support and mentorship of local farmers in order to both procure the best product as well as support local farmers as they grow their businesses.
  • Manages financial systems both for partner farmers as well as taking payment from members. Includes timely communication with all parties and ability to develop and follow a budget.
  • Creates a vibrant community hub where Little Spoon Farm members feel welcome and supported.
  • Creates strong education resources and experiences for LSF members and other community members. May include partnerships with local organizations and coordination with Operations Manager to partner with interns and volunteers.
  • Communicates clearly with members through the weekly newsletter and in-person.
  • Oversees volunteers and interns who support the Little Spoon Farm program.
  • Ensures that food safe practices are maintained at all times, according to Farm's food safety plan.
  • Manages the Produce-to-Community program by communicating with buesiness development teams, consultants, developing education resources, and designing and implementing evaluation tools.
  • Creates and manages evaluation and data collection plan to assess efficacy of programming and inform future program development.
  • Synthesizes evaluation data to write annual report of all Farm programming, to be disseminated widely to internal and external partners.
  • Assists with crop production, intern management, and events as needed.
  • Implement food safety plan in partnership with the Farm Operations Manager, including development of practices to achieve GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) standards for select crops.
  • Clearly communicates The Farm’s mission and vision to all visitors and program participants through both verbal and written communication.
  • Maintains good rapport and cooperative relationships.
  • Approaches conflict in a constructive manner.
  • Helps to identify problems, offer solutions, and participate in their resolution.
  • Behaves in accordance with the Code of Conduct, Service Excellence Standards, and the Mission, Vision and Values of Little Spoon Farm
  • Assumes responsibility for performance of job duties in the safest possible manner, to assure personal safety and that of coworkers, and to report all preventable hazards and unsafe practices immediately to management.
Performs other education and farm duties as assigned.
  • Bachelor's degree in programs such as agriculture, food systems, agribusiness, or related field required. 
  • Experience in sustainable agriculture, Farm Share (also known as CSA) management, community health, and sales and marketing
  • Ability to work nights and weekends as required for events and other duties
  • Demonstrated ability to manage a complex system with many interested parties.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage financial systems
  • Demonstrated analytical ability to research, obtain and evaluate information, analyze problems, and make appropriate recommendations and decisions for program and cost related applications.
  • Proven ability to understand and utilize Windows-based software packages including Microsoft Office.
  • Strong working knowledge of produce handling and storage
  • Strong interpersonal skills to interact with program members, volunteers, clinicians, farmers, and members of the public
  • Working knowledge of plants and organic farming practices
  • Commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community
  • Demonstrated leadership ability to coordinate volunteers and give oversight and direction.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong cultural competency for promotion of inclusive and diverse community
  • Ability to work outdoors in all seasons in a physically active role
  • Knowledge of nutrition science and cooking
  • Strong network of community partners
  • Commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community
  • Knowledge of food safety standards 
  • Knowledge of social determinants of health and food justice

ALAMAT : Little Spoon Farm Bali

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Apakah lowongan FARM PROGRAM MANAGER-Little Spoon Farm Bali asli (bukan palsu)?

Untuk mengecek apakah lowongan yang ditawarkan oleh Little Spoon Farm Bali adalah jujur (bukan penipuan) berikut beberapa tipsnya:
  • Pastikan bahwa Little Spoon Farm Bali merupakan salah satu perusahaan terpercaya dan kredibel. Silakan memeriksa dari hasil pencarian Google apakah perusahaan itu benar-benar asli (bukan fiktif). Periksa juga tanggapan dari pengguna atau pegawai dari Little Spoon Farm Bali .
  • Berhati-hatilah dengan perusahaan yang hanya menggunakan alamat email publik/gratisan (seperti @gmail atau @yahoo.com) atau SMS (termasuk aplikasi sejenis telegram atau whatsapp ) sebagai media komunikasi. Perusahaan akan lebih meyakinkan jika memiliki telepon kantor sendiri atau alamat email domain web perusahaan.
  • Jika Anda dimintai uang untuk alasan apapun, sebaiknya Anda tidak menghiraukan lowongan tersebut. Beberapa alasan sering dipakai adalah biaya seragam, biaya training (pelatihan), biaya penggantian materai, dan membayar formulir/surat perjanjian.
  • Pastikan bahwa lowongan yang Anda incar sesuai dengan judul dari lowongan ini, yaitu FARM PROGRAM MANAGER-Little Spoon Farm Bali . Pastikan Anda tidak ditawari bisnis investasi yang mencurigakan atau menjadi member MLM yang tidak jelas.


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